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1.Complete your chart with all the details that you wish to include including colours photographs etc.

  Under the file menu select the option to save a copy of the chart that you have displayed. (To find the size of your chart the best option that I can give is select an A4 page size and count the number of pages along and down {An A4 is 8.27” x 11.69”} this will give you a rough size with which to calculate the cost). Alternatively try using page set up to adjust the page size until your chart sits comfortably within the page area.

By performing the preceding operation you will be presented with a screen as shown above, select your floppy disk drive / cd drive and save the file to a disk which you can send with your order.  If you are intending to send it by e-mail, follow the steps above but save to your hard drive remembering its name and location then attach that file to the e-mail.
If you don’t get a response from me to let you know that I have received your attachment please check as the virus blocker plus the firewall can sometimes kill off attachments without me knowing where they came

If you would like me to construct your chart you need to export a GEDCOM file which is performed from the file menu in your main programme..  

Send your file and full instructions to

Family Tree Printing, PO Box 2420, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3DX, United Kingdom

Current prices are shown on the web site at  Printing Prices if you are not sure send the file and we will confirm the price to you. 

Phone : 020 7060 1849

Fax :

E.Mail contact@familytreeprinting.co.uk 

Remember we offer you a prompt, efficient, good quality printing service at affordable prices and are never knowingly beaten on price. 

These are samples of some of the charts created by our customers using Tree Draw which show just how flexible this programme is our verdict is that it is only really limited by your imagination 






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