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Family Historian

This programme produces an interesting range of charts that are not available in other programmes such as 3rd or 4th cousins with pictures, or an excellent all relatives chart.

The best way forward for a Family Historian Chart from version 2 is to build your chart and save it as a custom report.  You then need to send a copy of your GEDCOM file and give me the precise details of the start person for the chart. 

If you are using the newer version 3 or 4 you can save your completed chart as a chart file (.fhc), you do however still need to send the whole Gedcom file (.ged) to us along with the chart file as the chart file does not work without the Gedcom. If your chart includes pictures the picture file as well as we need to recreate the link.

Alternatively save your chart as a pdf before sending the pdf file check that it has saved correctly as a one page pdf file and that the chart size has not been compressed.

Family Historian is normally very good at preserving the chosen set up for the charts i.e births, deaths & marriages but if you want to be on the save side let us know which setting you have used.

 I will confirm the size and price of your chart before any printing. Charts can be scaled to fit a given size of paper but off course the font size will reduce as well.  You will be able to create the chart for yourself prior to ordering and print an A4 test section to ensure that all the fonts etc are exactly what you require and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the chart is laid out exactly as you want it.

calculating the size in Family Historian, click diagram then find diagram statistics as shown above this will give both page & chart size. Sometimes charts need a slightly larger size than that shown when being printed but this will give you a rough idea to work out the cost.

Send your file and and full instructions to

Family Tree Printing, New House Farm, Rusper Road, Newdigate, Surrey, RH5 5BX, United Kingdom

Current prices are shown on the web site at  Printing Prices if you are not sure send the file and we will confirm the price to you. 

Phone : 07873 132232  

E.Mail contact@familytreeprinting.co.uk 

Remember we offer you a prompt, efficient, good quality printing service at affordable prices and are never knowingly beaten on price. 




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