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FAMILY TREE MAKER 2007 and earlier  Includes ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ software

1. Create an Hourglass, Ancestor, Fan, Descendant chart as per the software instructions. Add or change pictures, fonts, colours, shadows, lines, frames and captions. Complete your chart with all the details that you wish to include . The 'All in One Chart', is the only chart that cannot be built and saved to your file although the programme does tend to save the settings that you have used. In this case follow the instructions below to send your file but include the name of the person on whom the chart is based and we will press the appropriate button at this end.

Under the file menu select the option to save the chart that you have displayed. (The size of your chart is shown in the bottom right hand corner). You now have the satisfaction of knowing that the chart is laid out exactly as you want it. If you have used an unusual font please let me know what it is.

Again under the file menu select the copy/export option this will bring up the screen shown from which you can save your file (which will end .FTW) to disk which you can send with your order.  If you prefer to send it as an attachment you need to remember the location of the file on your computer and attach that file to the e-mail. ( If you don’t get a response from me to let you know that I have received your attachment please check as the virus blocker plus the firewall can sometimes kill off attachments without me knowing where they came from).  Very early versions will not allow the chart to be saved

4.If you would like me to construct your chart you need to follow the steps at 3 but supply me with details of the start person for the chart and the data that you wish to include.

5. If you prefer to save your chart as a pdf file you need to ensure that you have saved the chart to one page not several pages if you are having trouble doing this and you have selected best quality try dropping down a grade as this often works. Please also check that the size of the pdf chart (shown in file/diagram properties) matches the size of your original chart shown in the bottom right corner of your screen (top right of chart in 2010 /2011) as the programme has a habit of compressing charts or chopping borders when converting to pdf.

FAMILY TREE MAKER 2008 onwards

The process is similar to that for the earlier version build and save your chart within the programme and send a copy of the whole file although a pdf file appears to be the best way forward in these later versions. See above. We are happy which ever route you choose, if not sure please contact us.

Chart saving in FTM 2011

creating a one page pdf in FTM 2011

How to Locate your Family Tree Maker files on your computor


If you are not sure where to find your Family Tree Maker file so that you can attach it to your e.mail. Use the search facility on windows as per the pictures and type .ftw as the file name for earlier versions of the programme or .ftm for later versions.  Once you know where it is you can create an e.mail and add it as an attachment

Send your file and full instructions to

Family Tree Printing, New House Farm, Rusper Road, Newdigate, Surrey RH5 5BX, United Kingdom

Current prices are shown on the web site at  Printing Prices if you are not sure send the file and I will confirm the price to you. 

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